Amazing Jewellry from Africa

This is my new favorite thing ever. Horn, precious stone and bronze jewellry made by artisans in Kenya. They are from Ashley Pittman, who traveled to the region with the Clinton Foundation and later returned to find resources and artisans to make the items she had designed. Beyond that she has started a foundation that donates a percentage of her sales to a community in Kenya. What I love most about this, is the idea that truly stylish, quality things are being EXPORTED from Africa. This is what Africa needs. Sort of living my dream . . .
The studded horn bangles are gorgeous! I have several horn pieces that I picked up when we were in Africa. It's such a beautiful, warm and textured material.

You can really see the care and craft that went into creating these pieces. Ashely sells her jewellry through various retailers. You can find them HERE.

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