Baby Sheep!!

So, I have been completely obsessed with the baby sheep that are suddenly all over the English countryside. We went out a few weekends ago, to Charlecote Park, which ended up being a big disappointment because it was covered in scaffolding (it's scaffolding season here in England). BUT, we did find lots of adorable baby sheep and I was basically a maniac - making Will pull over every two minutes so I could take pictures. And the horrible pictures are the reason I decided I really need to figure out how to use my camera. I mean look at this picture:

There's a lamb in there somewhere . . .

This one is a little better. He was very curious about me. Look at those EARS! I so wanted to touch them.

The mom was bleating and bahhhing like crazy and I am sure she wished for things like attack instincts or sharp teeth, because I was way too close to her babies. Then, we saw this guy:

Isn't he a beauty? He was hanging around with some very wooly sheep with strange blue spots on their backs. But that was not the strangest thing about these fluffy sheep. The strangest thing was that they were making a pilgrimage to lick the wall of the bridge I was sitting on. It must have tasted delicious to them, they could not get enough of the licking. Weirdos.

And all I could think about was what a fabulous coat those sheepskins would make - especially with the blue spots. It always comes down to fashion.

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