Around the Web this Week

It's an endless forest of distraction, the world wide web. But, if you spend enough time there, you can find some pretty cool stuff. Here is what I found this week:

photo via Style Files

Over at the Style Files I found my dream home located on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

I have been wanting to write a tribute to imprisoned Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, but you should just read this one at That's Not My Age. It expresses my feelings exactly.

Anne at Pret-a-Voyager posted a really good interview with travel blogger Wandie Kabule. She rocks.

Decor8 interviewed interior designer, Jan Eleni and posted photos of her amazing home. Gorgeous.

And finally, HonestlyWTF posted this amazing photograph:

 It's by Hendra Sanjaya at
See you next week!

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