The Burning House

This is an interesting project. The Burning House asks people to submit a photograph of the things they would take with them if their house was burning to the ground.

A lot of the photographs are quite stunning in and of themselves. There are lots of ipods, ipads, iphones. I guess we can assume they represent the photo albums of the past. Also, I was surprised how many people included shoes (lots of men actually). And one guy even included a pair of socks! Your house is burning to the ground and you are worried about a pair of socks? Lots of cameras and an extraordinary number of knives (again, the men). It makes me think the project has really morphed into more of a "take a photograph of your ten favorite things". There is a heartbreaking entry from a woman who has actually lived through this nightmare. She chastises some of the other entries - "You have way less time than you think". Her photo includes just four things:

There are, of course, lots of pets. And I was happy to see a few included some artwork - passports are replaceable folks.

It's an interesting project and stimulates some good conversation. Overall, A good use of the internet I think. I would take my hard drive, my pearl earrings & wedding ring and as much of our artwork as possible. What would you take? Click the link above to see more, or submit your own.

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