a Geography Lesson

This is so great. Carolina's geography teacher gave the girls an assignment last week. The assignment was the following:

Using an OS (Ordinance Survey) map, plot a route from your home to Warwick Castle. Then take the route and make notes about what you pass along the way, including any major landmarks. Take a picture of yourself with the map in front of your home and then another picture of yourself with the map at the Castle. Note what went wrong, if anything, how long it took (was this true to your estimate) etc, etc. You get the idea.

Well, I am fairly certain that Carolina's teacher is not aware of where we live, so she is either going to be very amused or very annoyed when she sees this:

We're thinking she should probably clue her teacher in and/or choose another destination, but we're going to let her come to that conclusion (or not) on her own. We are not too worried about her navigation skills. When we were in Barcelona, Will gave her the map and had her get us from place to place (walking) while we were site-seeing. It worked out most of the time and even when it didn't we still ended up somewhere cool. It was Barcelona, after all. We also have her negotiate all of our airport situations, from getting us to connecting flights, through customs to finding baggage claim. We've never ended up in the wrong country. She's good.

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