the Skillmans Need a Dog

One of the most difficult things about this global living we have been doing has been the fact that we cannot have a pet. And by pet, I mean, dog. We are dog people. The three of us actually sit around and have major discussions about what kind of dog we will get someday. Carolina makes lists of breeds and we all have to pick our "Top 3" and then she calculates and formulates and figures out what would be the best for us based on this information. Then she makes us pick our "Top 3 Names" and she analyzes to see if there is any crossover or enough similarities to make some sort of hybrid name. I'm telling you - this family NEEDS a dog!! Something tells me that we might end up with more than one. Anyway, I came across these adorable creatures the other day and thought, "These might do for now". Seriously cute no?

Their names are Maggie and Oatmeal and they are made from recylced newspaper fur!! At $198. a piece they almost cost as much as a real dog, but they are like works of art. I found them at Olive & Cocoa. Maggie is a Labrador and Oatmeal is a Cavachon. So adorable.

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