Art Friday - Carl Kleiner

Today a bit from Swedish photographer & image creator Carl Kleiner. If you want to lose yourself for a while in a world of creative genius, head over to his website. There you can view his various projects, collaberations and campaigns. Also - like a gift from Heaven - a Diary of his photographs. He is a master of composition. Every single photo makes me want to know more about what I'm seeing.

From the Diary:

all photographs by Carl Kleiner

Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend. I will be sending out resumes and catching up on Mad Men. I'm having a love/hate relationship with Don Draper.

Inspiration Wednesday - Encouragement

This is from the Flickr photostream of Katy from Scotland. Her mum chalked it on the road as encouragement for her dad, who was running 44 miles that day.

Awesome is an overused word - I'm certainly guilty of it. It's a great word when we save it for when we are truly in awe of someone. So here's to saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

Happy Wednesday.

Walking In The Cotswolds

These pics are from a few months ago. We went with a group of friends from the University down to the Cotswolds. The idea is that you put on your wellies, walk about through the fields and down the lanes and then end up back at the pub. Most British activities involve ending up back at the pub. (love this place!) We got a late start because we spotted a McDonald's on the way and, over here, that's a bit like seeing an oasis in the desert. You lose all perspective and all that matters is that you have a Big Mac in your hands as soon as possible. Then, I think we got kind of lost - no, we definitely got lost. So the walk began without us, but we found the group - this was not difficult as there were gazillions of us - you could have seen this clump of people from space. We parked the car on some random country lane and joined in like we had been there all along. It was really quite peaceful and beautiful and I think it was a really nice break for the folks who had been spending days on end in a University lecture hall. I was DYING to pet a sheep, but they are much faster than you might think. Here are some sceneries:

And . . . the pub:

It was a fun day with friends. I'm so glad we came here. We love our little university family.

The end.

Inspiration Wednesday

On Wednesday I'm going to focus on things that Inspire. I'm not sure what it will look like ultimately, but I love when I come across things that make me sit back and think - She/He/That ROCKS. Like today. This photo, featured on, is of 96 year old Ida Keeling and her 60 year old daughter Shelley Keeling.

photo from
Yes, you read right - they are NINETY-SIX and SIXTY years old.

Ida set a new sprinting record earlier this year - when she was only 95. She did not start running until she was 67. You. Go. Girl. Read more about her HERE.

And here's to Wednesday. The weekend is in sight.

Tea Time

illustration via Piccsy
You cannot live in England for any significant period of time and not succumb to it. I defy you to spend even a few weeks in this country and not cave to the pressure. I tried to resist and then I actually begin to think things like - "Well, everyone else is doing it" and "I'll just see what all the fuss is about". I can't remember when it was that we ordered our first pot of tea exactly, but life has never been the same since. The fact of the matter is this - tea is freaking delicious. Not only that, but the tradition of tea time is just a really good idea. It's late afternoon, you are totally over whatever it is you have been occupying yourself with since lunchtime - you need a break. Add to this that the weather is likely total crap and you could really just use some warmth and comfort. Maybe a bit of cake too. Voila! - TEA TIME! And you don't have to feel guilty, like you are ignoring your work or not being productive enough because EVERYBODY else is doing it too. It's the English version of the siesta. It's cause to slow down, look at the person across from you and just be. We have some of our best talks at tea time. Sometimes we have tea at home, but we really like to go to our favorite tea spot:

This is the tea room at the Lord Leycester Hospital. It is not really a hospital. It is actually a charity type residence for war veterans. There are currently several Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans living here with their families. They run the tea room as a way to support their living expenses. Here is another photo of the hospital. It is one of the oldest buildings in Warwick and originally served as the Guild Hall.

I love the general wonkiness of the place. It is really, really, really old. Pictures of the courtyard:
and the tea, of course (yum):

Any fans of the tea drinking tradition out there? I'm looking for some recommendations for good teas and/or favorite tea gadgets. Yes, I'm getting really into this!