Tea Time

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You cannot live in England for any significant period of time and not succumb to it. I defy you to spend even a few weeks in this country and not cave to the pressure. I tried to resist and then I actually begin to think things like - "Well, everyone else is doing it" and "I'll just see what all the fuss is about". I can't remember when it was that we ordered our first pot of tea exactly, but life has never been the same since. The fact of the matter is this - tea is freaking delicious. Not only that, but the tradition of tea time is just a really good idea. It's late afternoon, you are totally over whatever it is you have been occupying yourself with since lunchtime - you need a break. Add to this that the weather is likely total crap and you could really just use some warmth and comfort. Maybe a bit of cake too. Voila! - TEA TIME! And you don't have to feel guilty, like you are ignoring your work or not being productive enough because EVERYBODY else is doing it too. It's the English version of the siesta. It's cause to slow down, look at the person across from you and just be. We have some of our best talks at tea time. Sometimes we have tea at home, but we really like to go to our favorite tea spot:

This is the tea room at the Lord Leycester Hospital. It is not really a hospital. It is actually a charity type residence for war veterans. There are currently several Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans living here with their families. They run the tea room as a way to support their living expenses. Here is another photo of the hospital. It is one of the oldest buildings in Warwick and originally served as the Guild Hall.

I love the general wonkiness of the place. It is really, really, really old. Pictures of the courtyard:
and the tea, of course (yum):

Any fans of the tea drinking tradition out there? I'm looking for some recommendations for good teas and/or favorite tea gadgets. Yes, I'm getting really into this!

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