Walking In The Cotswolds

These pics are from a few months ago. We went with a group of friends from the University down to the Cotswolds. The idea is that you put on your wellies, walk about through the fields and down the lanes and then end up back at the pub. Most British activities involve ending up back at the pub. (love this place!) We got a late start because we spotted a McDonald's on the way and, over here, that's a bit like seeing an oasis in the desert. You lose all perspective and all that matters is that you have a Big Mac in your hands as soon as possible. Then, I think we got kind of lost - no, we definitely got lost. So the walk began without us, but we found the group - this was not difficult as there were gazillions of us - you could have seen this clump of people from space. We parked the car on some random country lane and joined in like we had been there all along. It was really quite peaceful and beautiful and I think it was a really nice break for the folks who had been spending days on end in a University lecture hall. I was DYING to pet a sheep, but they are much faster than you might think. Here are some sceneries:

And . . . the pub:

It was a fun day with friends. I'm so glad we came here. We love our little university family.

The end.


insideology.com said...

Wow lovely photos, I grew up in Cirencester so it's lovely to see some photos of the Shire! Which pub is that, is it the Fossebridge? i've never been in there but people tell me it's fab and the garden looks amazing.

The Style Curator said...

Yes, this is Fossebridge Inn. It was beautiful and we were not even there when things were in full bloom. The food was quite good too. I can't wait to go back down there.