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In South Africa, we were fortunate enough to live just a few hours from Kruger National Park. It is truly one of the most incredible places on earth. I have spent majestic moments observing lions, zebras, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, hippos, even crocodiles - every wild animal Africa has to offer. All but the leopard. The elusive leopard. My husband, daughter and I spent an entire day obsessed with spotting a leopard because it was the only animal we had yet to see. All three of us are a "bit" competitive and this became quite a game. Basically, we were not leaving Kruger until we saw a leopard. We were literally zooming past prides of lions, herds of elephants - all of that had become passe - in the quest for the leopard. Rumor had it that they liked to lounge in trees, so we were especially focused on the distant tree limbs. It was madness. My neck and eyes began to ache. There were so many false sighting, my husband began to ignore me. It was not much fun really. And, we never found a leopard. And, now we live in England. Where they don't have leopards running around in the wild, just down the road from your house. Not that I'm aware of anyway. The world of design is also currently obsessed with leopard. It's a classic really, but it's popularity seems to come and go. Here are some leopard looks I love:

Would you wear it as a dress? This is very pretty, but too much leopard for me.

from Emerson Made
I love everything Emerson does, but this is especially cool with the pretty flower.
clutch from M. Andonia
This is so very now - leopard + clutch = THE trend of the moment.

Stairs (yes!) from Style at Home

from Pinterest

Love the leopard belt. It looks great with a pattern too. This is good.

Sandals from Sterling Style

Leopard shoes perhaps? I would wear the ones below, but not the ones above. And I love, love, love it paired with polka dot dress!

Pumps from the Sartorialist

He wears it well, don't you think?

the REAL DEAL in Africa
I think the key with leopard is to keep it minimal. It can go tacky very easily. A little leopard goes a long way. So pair the shoes, the belt, the clutch, (the stairs!), with some classic, conservative pieces and you can't go wrong. How do you wear your leopard?

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amo said...

I think I prefer my animal prints on my house rather than on my body. Still looking for that zebra print rug!