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Zoe Murphy is one talented chicka. She is bringing new life to mid-century furniture and creating all kinds of other good stuff. I like mid-century design from an "appreciate it and all it did for the advancement of the world of design" kind of way. I would not have a house full of this stuff, but one or two pieces - most definitely. Here is some of what Zoe is up to in Margate:

all photos via Zoe Murphy
Did I tell you? That patchwork silk footstool - all kinds of love for that thing! Zoe has exploded all over the place - a real design darling. Most of her work is custom for now, but she has just opened a fabulous new studio, and I think we will be seeing lots more of her. You can keep up with her over at her BLOG and her website. Can't wait to see her future projects.

Above image is from Heart Home Magazine

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