Beautiful Spaces - Kitchen Shelving & Storage

When it comes to storage in kitchens, I'm all about putting it all out there. Throw in some artwork, textured baskets, a splash of color and I'm in.

from Studio Encanto

from House to Home

from House Beautiful

from Pottery Barn

from House Beautiful

See, isn't that more fun than a bunch of boring old cabinets? I actually have a design concept for kitchens called "business on the bottom, party on top". The concept calls for making the most of your base cabinets - make them functional and make them work hard for you. If you do this right, you can consider anything above the counter tops "bonus space" and you can have a lot of fun with it. Open shelving, artwork, gorgeous tile. Put a lamp on the counter top! There are endless possibilities. Beyond the "workspace" mix in furniture or other pieces you would not normally consider for the kitchen. The concept focuses on the idea of making your kitchen feel more like a room where you want to hang out than a place where work gets done. Because the bottom line is that this IS the room where we spend most of our time. The concept can also be applied to an office space (another place we all spend too much time). Having designed kitchens for many years, I have a lot of thoughts about all of this. I wish more people would embrace out of the box thinking when it comes to kitchens. Instead we see a lot of the same over and over. Tweaked versions of the same design concept. It's time for some evolution in kitchen design don't you think?


amo said...

Love this post!! I especially love those turquoise shelves with the metal baskets. In some of these photos I wonder how they remember where they put stuff after they use it. It all looks so randomly, haphazardly arranged. (but beautiful!)

Elizabeth Skillman said...

Amo, I know what you mean. A lot these shots are styled of course. But I think the key to open storage is to keep most of your dishware the same color. I love the turquoise one too. Wish I could find those metal baskets somewhere.