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photo from Salvage Love

Serious love for this salvaged wood artwork (pictured above). Find the tutorial for how to make your own over at Salvage Love.

Have you guys seen Olivia Palermo's picks on Piper Lime? It is all super Olivia awesome. Should we make bets on how long until she is designing her own fashion line?

A gorgeous giveaway from South African blogger Lanalou Style and Merchants on Long in Cape Town. We might not be thinking 'caftans' here in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's Spring at Lanalou (I miss Africa)!

I really enjoyed the premiere issue of British based Heart Home Magazine. Congrats to them and we can't wait to see more!

I absolutely love this video of David Beckham undercover in Target via the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres. Not only is it funny, but it shows a remarkable amount of humility from Beckham. I can't think of many celebrities who would subject themselves to something like this. I'm a fan.

And last but not least, I love a good camper van makeover and this one is fantastic. Head over to House of Turquoise and check it out.

Hope everyone is having a really good weekend! I am off to the supermarket, or as I like to call it "13 Aisles of Awkward". Shopping at the super market here involves endless encounters wherein no one seems to be aware of spacial dynamics, no one seems to be comfortable using the words 'excuse me' and no one can seem to agree which side they should be walking on as a collective traffic flow. I like to believe this is because the super market concept is relatively new here and they just have not quite figured it all out yet. I don't know, it is one of life's great mysteries really. And, it must be endured because I have yet to find a way to get Toblerone or the Dorito Company to sell to me direct. See you Monday!


Lana {lanalou style} said...

Thanks for the lovely mention! Off to check out Olivia Palermo's picks now!:)

Elizabeth Skillman said...

No problem Lana! That's a fantastic giveaway and I'm a huge fan of your blog!