In Fashion - Hermes Knotting Cards

I never know what the fleep to do with my scarves. I have a truckload of them. I usually wear them double wrapped around my neck. But, Hermes, the luxury retailer of the famed orange box, has some other ideas. And they have made some handy cards to help share those ideas. I don't think you can buy these cards, but they can easily be found on the Google. Here are some that I find interesting:

I'm not sure who can really pull most of this off. I don't think it's me. If I tried that last look, I would just walk around thinking "I have a scarf on my head, I have a scarf on my head, I have a . . ." Yeah, that would be distracting. I might try the belt thing. Get a little crazy with that maybe. How do you wear your scarves?

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Jenn said...

Wow. These were really creative and fun. I'm definitely going to wear one as a shirt tomorrow, definitely braless. Seriously, though, I wish I had the confidence for that. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!