Inspiration - The Art of Gift Giving

 Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day to all you yanks out there! I just had to check the Google to make sure that term is not offensive, and I think we're all good (plus I AM one). So, yesterday was my birthday and both members of my sweet little family speak the love language of gift giving, so birthdays pretty much rock for me. Seriously, gift giving and getting is so much fun at our house, because everyone is so equally excited about what is going on. After I open my present, I then get the whole story behind the present - how they came up with the idea, how long ago they thought of it, the shopping bit. It's really good stuff. I'm sure most of you have someone like this in your lives - a really good gift giver (if you don't you should get yourself one). Or, maybe you are the good gift giver, so you totally get it. This year when asked what I wanted for my birthday I said "perfume". They were all "ok, sounds good", but really they were all "no way in heck she is getting perfume, perfume does not last, or have any significance to what she has experienced the past year, or have any true meaning at all!" At least I imagine that is what they were thinking because the gift they DID get me is something that does all of those things. And it's perfect. I love tea and I love, love being able to make it at home with a proper tea pot and the best tea leaves. But, mostly I am just so ridiculously blessed to have these two people as part my everyday existence. I love you Will and Carolina. Thank you for making me feel so loved.


melissa loves said...

Aww....that is so amazing to have that! I like to think I am that kind of gift giver but, I often fall short. I do try though! :) Happy, happy birthday and happy labor day ( since you are a yank) :) Is the photo above your present?

Elizabeth Skillman said...

Thank you Melissa!! Yes, that's my present. Tea is such a big deal over here (as I'm sure you know). I'm just figuring all this out and learning my teas. So fun!