Weekend - Market Square and Extra Kiddos

Now that I'm busy both blogging and doing work that I actually get paid for, weekends are going to be precious again. This weekend we had some little visitors - the children of some friends came to stay with us while their parents were busy moving house. Our town has a large market square where they have been holding a Saturday farmer's market since the year 1564. If it's sunny, we go and get a crepe from the cranky french guy and buy some produce or cheese.

After the market we went to lunch and then to the sweets shop. The term "kid in a candy store" was never more appropriate. We told the kids they could each pick one thing and it was clearly quite a big decision. We were there for a while - lots of changing of minds and second guessing. In the end we left with a giant lollipop and a candy cane! It was fun to have two extra kids. We got a sense of what our family might have felt like if we had more children. I liked it. So, what did you guys do this weekend?

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