Wishlist - A Fiat Jolly

Aren't these just the cutest little cars?! Check out the wicker seats!

 Do you think $85,000. is too much to spend on a beach car, considering we live nowhere near the beach and have not even seen the sun in roughly 4 months? Me neither! Can you please tell my husband that? He thinks we need a car with doors! Besides, what other car is going to coordinate so well with the huge sunglasses and floral caftans I plan to wear from age 70 on? So, I guess I have a few years, but large price tag and lack of appropriate geographical situation aside - this stays on the wishlist. We definitely, probably should get a car with doors first though. I just need whoever owns that pink one to take good care of it for me. I'm going to put a huge monogram on the awning/roof thing and have some Lilly Pulitzer pillows made for the interior. No, there is no limit to how over the top I plan to be in my old age. There will also be martinis.

Ok, off to bed. I have a big girl job now. Nighty night!

photos via: HERE, HERE and HERE

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