Wishlist - Rainboots

Don't worry I'm not going to talk about the weather in England. Let me just say that when you live here, you begin to take certain purchases under very careful consideration. When one contemplates buying an umbrella in the triple digit price range, well . . . yeah. I was once caught in wind so ridiculous that not just the first tier of my umbrella prongs were blown backwards but the whole second tier snapped backwards as well. I had an entirely inside out umbrella situation going. I did buy some badass rain boots before we came here. Here they are:

These are the Tretorn Ballenas which, as you can see, will not only withstand rain and mud, but possibly, also heavy combat.

I love them, but sometimes they are just too much boot. So, I have been thinking about some new boots. I purposely did not buy Hunters because I did not want to see myself coming and going. Also, I wanted laces. But now they have come out with these awesome new short boots with laces and I'm re-thinking the whole thing.

The dazzling array of colors is very compelling indeed. And Hunters cost less here in the UK, so there's that. Hunter has also come out with some fancy type rain boots with high heels and such. I'm not on board. Rain boots should look like rain boots in my opinion. That's the fun of wearing them with dresses and otherwise un-rain boot like apparel. The juxtaposition of the whole thing. The ugly on purposeness of it all. And these are spectacularly ugly. I swear they are identical to the boots my dad used to wear in the 70's when he went hunting or fishing. Sweet.

So, now I need help picking a color. And should I get a solid or the two toned? Too ugly? You like high heeled rain boots? Stick with the badass Tretorns?

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amo said...

OMG, those tall boots are gorg. But love the orange Hunters. Fun.