Art & Artists :: Abigail Brown & A Completely Unrelated Conversation

A huge thank you to one of my BYW Blogging friends, Fay Vowell of Bitten London for introducing me to the work of Abigail Brown. I don't know when I have ever been so enamored with someone's art. These bird sculptures are simply amazing.

I think what I love most about some of these is that I have a personal connection to them. These gorgeous guys are currently living in our courtyard:

These funky little guys used to hang out in the backyard of our house in South Africa:

And, we used to see these colorful beauties in Namibia:

I want all of them.  I could be the crazy bird lady! You can see more of Abigail's work HERE.

My oh my, Will and I have been watching the American TV series Friday Night Lights. Here is the conversation we had before we started watching the show:

Setting: On the couch staring at the TV

Me: What do you want to watch?
Will: I don't know. What is on?
Me: You know I cannot figure out the TV situation. My question is more general - comedy, drama, or reality?
Will: Sports
Me: Not an option. How about a drama?
Will: How about a drama about sports?
Me: That is an oxymoron.
Will: Did you just call me a moron?
Me: There is a drama about high school football. In Texas. Oh dear Lord. Should we watch that? (in my head: please say no)
Will: Sure, whatever.

Two weeks later:

Will: Are you ready to watch Friday Night Lights?
Me: I just need to check my email, give me a minute.
 Will: Ok, but hurry, and maybe we can get in 4 episodes before bedtime.

Yeah, we kind of like it.


Sophie said...

Hi Beth,
Abigail's work is fabulous isn't it?! Her shop is in my etsy favourites. I've yet to treat myself to one, but someday I'd love a Nuthatch or maybe a Woodpecker!
Sophie :)

The Style Curator said...

I don't know how I would choose!

amo said...

Paul and I just started watching Friday Night Lights! Love it.

Janine Fitzpatrick said...

The nightly battle for the remote is a big deal in our house ... I hate it when he wins and then falls asleep and I'm left watching something I have no interest in whatsoever. I have no idea what Friday Night Lights is but well done on finding something you both enjoy!

The Style Curator said...

Janine - we are lucky we can agree on TV shows, but have a lot of trouble with movies we both like. Will has not trusted me to pick a movie since the "Chicago" incident of 2002 wherein he looked over at me a few songs in and said, "You didn't mention there would be singing".