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There has been some crazy talk around here lately about actually settling down somewhere at some point. It's just talk for now, but it did start me thinking about decorating my own home. I was trying to remember what we have in our storage unit and all I could think about were these french dot wallpaper panels from Nama Rococo, I bought several years ago. I intended to frame them and hang them, but never got around to it (do you guys do that, or am I alone on the Island of Misfit Decorators?). They are really lovely, so I thought I would share the pictures from Nama's website:

This is what I want to do with mine (but I only have 2).

This is what it looks like when applied as actual wallpaper. This would have been my first choice, but I cannot imagine how time consuming and expensive it would be. Isn't it gorgeous?!

This is an individual wallpaper panel. Each one is hand screened and made with different colors. The paper is exquisite and they are quite large (25" x 38"). They really are individual works of art. You can see more of what Nama Rococo offers over and learn more about the process of how they make their wallpapers over at their website .

I can't wait to be re-united with these beauties. I'm sure there is some other good stuff in the storage unit and there will be a lot of fun (and possibly a lot of spiders), when we go through it. Sometimes I have a nightmare that somehow everything got ruined in there, but I'm not sure how that would happen and even if it did, it's all just stuff. Still ... and I hope there are not spiders. I really hate spiders.


leah of sang the bird said...

Beth, this wallpaper is gorgeous! I'd be excited to create something with it too!

The Style Curator said...

Hi Leah! I know, it seems so silly to be excited about something in a cardboard tube in storage container on the other side of the ocean, but these are really special!

Ann@Glamourshoes said...

This is beautiful! I would love to have it in my home! I'm heading over to see just how much that might cost me. You are a lucky girl to already have some.