Favorite New (to me) British Word

One can also be "chuffed to bits" (stoked) and "chuffed to buggery" (proud as hell) - and to make things even more fun 'chuffed' is also an auto-antonym, though I have yet to hear it used in the negative sense.

Even though we have been here over a year, I only heard this first (twice!) this week. This does not surprise me as the English are a modest bunch. Not a lot of 'tooting of one's own horn' going on here. I find this both refreshing and frustrating. Probably because I come from a country that is completely the opposite. It is certainly an endearing quality, just not one I am accustomed to.

It is these subtle differences in culture that make me feel lonely and, quite literally, like an alien sometimes. There is this sense of longing for my people, not because they are preferable as people, but because they are what I know and understand. And because all my life I have yearned to belong, it's even more difficult because the message is 'you don't belong'. I know there is something at work here. I know I am being challenged to grow and find my way through this.

This, for me, has been the essence of the expat life. The balance of getting to experience new and wonderous things with the ever present tension of not belonging. Hang with me as I figure it out, OK.


Val/senseandgrace said...

Hola viisting from BYW.
I just visit your blog. As I really lovd it, I did went to almost to your beginning. I really love your fashion picks and I love more the style ones. I also enjoy your writting. I will be stoping by .

ps.A little note: some sources can not be link

The Style Curator said...

Hi Val!

Thank you and I'm so glad you're here. Stop by anytime. :) x, Beth