Inspiration - Forgiveness

As if I needed another reason to love Robert Downey, Jr.

I know a few things about the power of forgiveness. I also know a thing or two about hugging the cactus. If there is someone in your life you need to forgive, find a way to do it and set yourself free. If you feel you are in need of forgiveness from someone, you can ask for it and you may or may not get it, but know that the truth is this - you are already forgiven, so set yourself free.

Too serious? Sorry! To lighten things up a bit, my next post will have a ridiculously shallow focus on what I'm wearing to work tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Noreen Sullivan said...

Loved it. Hugging a cactus is an apt comparison!

Happy Sunday and what ARE you wearing tomorrow?

The Style Curator said...

Glad you liked this. I just posted about the outfit. My pics are horrendous. You will see how much I need Leslie's advice in my life!