Mood Boards :: Simone LeBlanc

As part of the Blogging Your Way course I have been taking we were asked to make mood boards to help us define our blog style. I have done plenty of mood boards in the past for clients and I did one for this blog a few months back. I remembered being inspired by these amazing mood boards from Simone LeBlanc and wanted to share them with you.

Simone runs a creative services company. Her website and blog are a great place to get lost in creative inspiration. I would love to know how she puts these mood boards together.

I hope everyone is having a good week. I worked early this week and now have one long, glorious weekend ahead of me. I will be catching up on my BYW class and possibly running down to London for a day. I'm sure there are some other less pleasant activities that I am currently in denial about as well (hello ironing, supermarket shopping and shower soapscum).

I am having some professional photos taken on Monday for work and it has been a long time since I have done a photo shoot. I'm going to post some pics this weekend of my outfit options, and I need some advice, so please stop by the blog on Sunday and help me!!


Noreen Sullivan said...

Hello Beth, I love your blog, too! You need to visit Cincinnati. It really is a lovely place - full of parks and wonderful cultural stuff. But you can visit my virtual Cincinnati and keep up until you can come in person.

Hope you got your chores done... gotta go - mine are calling!

starrybluesky said...

Thanks for sharing those mood boards - I especially love the Japanese tea one. And loved reading your story over on BYW - look forward to seeing what is next for you. (ANd good luck with the photoshoot ! )

The Style Curator said...

@Noreen - I will definitely be visiting Cincinnati through your blog!

@starrybluesky - thank you. Glad to have you here!!