Obsessions - Floorplans

I wrote a few months ago about my problem with only having two modes. 1) Utter lack of focus or 2) intense laser focus. These Obsession posts are about the latter. Here is how this usually goes down. I start to wonder about something. In this case, it's the Draper's house in the show Mad Men. As I watched the show, I began to feel the need to know how the house was laid out. How did the rooms relate to one another? Why did Sally and Bobby share a bedroom in what appeared to be such a large house from the outside? Why did it sometimes seem that a doorway led to Don's office, while other times it led to the laundry room? The vague wondering then became an urgent need. I was laying in bed at night wondering about the layout of house that does not even exist. Granted, we were watching Mad Men, like ... well mad men, 3 or 4 episodes a time. It's that kind of show. But still, this is not something that should be keeping me up at night. My only comfort, is that in turning to the Google for answers to these questions, it became apparent, that I am clearly not alone. Behold my magnificent discovery:

from Mambo Deb's Photobucket

I found this in the MadMen Forum. A fan named Mambo Deb took it upon herself to draw up the floorplans, as best as she could figure. God bless her. I love all of her notes making reference to different episodes.

As I began to search deeper, I realized that it isn't just the Draper's house I am curious about. I have been doing this for a long time. Possibly with every TV show I have ever watched. So, when I found the Etsy shop, Fantasy Floorplans, I was pretty stoked. Yes, it's an entire Etsy shop dedicated to the 'fictional floorplans of TV's most popular homes'. If you have ever wondered what Will and Grace's apartment might look like from an architect's point of view, this is the place for you. You can also find Cosmo Kramer's apartment, Carrie Bradshaw's place and the piece de resistance of all TV homes - the Brady Bunch split level! So fun. So, any other floorplan fanatics out there or am I the only one who has completely missed plots, story lines, character development and God knows what else because I couldn't stop thinking about whether the first floor bath is located in a convenient, yet discreet location?


amo said...

Goodness Beth!! I love this post! The Draper's house has eluded me as well, this fan did an excellent job. Can't wait to go check out that Fantasy Floorplan website!!

annie said...

Just to let you know that a couple of weeks ago I mapped out the brody residence in Homeland. Couldn't quite get the bedrooms right though and we never aw the bathroom. ah well.