She's Back!

My little traveler has returned from Paris. She was too tired to share about her experience last night, but this morning at breakfast I got a little bit out of her.  She mentioned enjoying the Tour Eiffel, but it seems the 'amazing fresh baguettes' were equally impressive. Hmmm . . . massive feat of architecture vs. fresh french bread. That is a tough one.
photo via Abercrombie & Kent
The people working at the markets in Paris have been around long enough to know that British school girls are told they are only allowed to address French people in French, so when the girls would cheat and try to ask for something in English, the person would refuse until they asked in French. They also had to journal about their day in French. She brought us presents including a sweet little print of Paris and a beret for me - I have always wanted a real french beret! I would have shared one of her pictures here, but, not surprisingly, there are many of her and her friends and very few of Paris! That's what it is all about really anyway - making memories with friends. I'm so thankful she had fun, and so thankful to have her home.

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