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Love these graphics from the talented folks at Radio in Cape Town ...

And yes, I really miss South Africa. If you have never been ... go. I'm serious. Just go. It is the most amazing combination of breathtaking natural beauty, adventure and good people. It's magic.

I think I'll write more about our African adventures soon. Would you guys like to hear them?

See more of Radio's work HERE. Happy Monday - wishing everyone a great week.

x, beth


leah of sang the bird said...

I'd love to hear more about your life in South Africa!
And I love these posters. The graphics and colours are awesome.
Have a great week xxx

Noreen Sullivan said...

Hello Beth,
I'd also love to hear more about South Africa! The posters are beautiful, and your experiences help make you who you are. I'm sorry if you miss it. Will you have a chance to go visit one day?


The Style Curator said...

Oh, I do hope we get an opportunity to return there someday. It's just so special to us. But, it's also exciting to think about all the other places we could go. I've learned not to hold anything too close and be open to where the journey leads. It's easier to stay in a place of peace and joy that way.

Chi @ Carousel said...

Hi Beth! It was so good to meet you yesterday!!! :D

I would love to know more about your African adventures!

December 3rd good for you? ;)