In Fashion - Kelly Wearstler Cinnabar Jacket

I really don't even have words for this jacket. Let me try. Fabulous ... Ridiculous ... Over The Top Fabulous ...  Fluffy Goodness ... wait, I think I've got it ... Ridiculously Fabulous Fluffy Goodness. Yes, that's it.

Oh, Ms. Wearstler, you blow. my. mind.

Find it HERE. And have a very Happy Wednesday!


leah of sang the bird said...

Kelly is definatly rocking the fashion world! Happy Wednesday to you and happy Thursday to me xxx

Noreen Sullivan said...

Beth, just don't eat sloppy spaghetti sauce with this on!
Really fun. Thanks for sharing.

The Style Curator said...

Ha Noreen - I was thinking about eating while wearing it too! Or doing just about anything in real life really! Kind of a fantasy piece that does not translate to real life. I'm so drawn to it though because I LOVE texture. Fun!