Beautiful Spaces :: Alice Lane Kitchen

This kitchen makeover from Alice Lane Design is so well done:

I love, love, love the open shelving and the entire wall of tile.

This space is proof positive that a hard working kitchen can also be beautiful.

It almost makes me want to go back into kitchen design. There are days when I really miss creating something functional and beautiful and even the thrill of controlling such a high stakes project. I always got a bit of a kick out of knowing that my clients trusted me with this kind of investment and it was up to me to deliver on their expectations. As stressful as it could be sometimes, I really loved that challenge.

I hope whatever is next for me brings those elements together, because I know it is not design, but I also know all that has happened has prepared me for what is to come.

I look forward to what is to come.

all photos by Meikel Reece via Alice Lane

Be sure to check out the 'before' pictures of this kitchen over at Alice Lane. What kind of transformations are you experiencing these days - kitchens, life or otherwise? I would love to know!


noreen said...

awesome kitchen, but where would all the random coffee mugs go? there must be a hide-a-way for the plastic zoo cups and weird stuff people give you. hmm. can't wait to talk about this career stuff. it sounds like you were happy and good at design. happy weekend!

The Style Curator said...

So true about the zoo cups Noreen!! I used to lead my clients through a "letting go" exercise where it was my mission to convince them that if they have a 6 figure kitchen, they probably should not be drinking out of free plastic cups!! But yes, there was always an "hideous but necessary objects" cabinet in all of my designs!

Ada (new york) said...

GREAT design!! I especially luv the wood beams ... great balance to the wood cabinets.