Inspiration :: Christmas Decor

I know you have all probably already decked the halls this year, but I came across some really great Christmas tree photos I wanted to share today. They are inspiring me for Christmases to come. I love the topper on this tree from Country Home.  It's all just so redonculously glam and coordinated. I do have a rug just like that in storage, so that's a start right? So this is my "someday I will live in my own home again and decorate the crap out of it and have a fabulous tree that matches everything, including my dog" tree.

THIS, amazeballs little tree from Martha Stewart (styled by Kevin Sharkey) is a faux bonsai all gold leafed and be-jazzled to the nines. This will be my "I'm too old and fabulous for all this tree decorating nonsense, pull out the bonsai, call it Christmas and get me another martini darling" tree for when I am an over the top old lady. Read more about that here.

And this sweet, simple little colorful tree from Susana at Citrus & Orange just makes me happy. That's all. Maybe when it's all said and done, I just want my Christmas tree to reflect the sweet, simple and colorful life that I lead. 

Susana also made this lovely centerpiece. Yup, she is super talented:

In case you were wondering, we did get our tree all trimmed in homemade goodness. Carolina spent three nights stringing popcorn and cranberries. She is a champ and the garland was just the finishing touch the tree needed. Here are some shots of the finished product:

It all turned out pretty well. The tree is really wonky and it messes with my love of symmetry, but it smells so good that a stray branch here or there is easily forgiven. I'm a little worried about this guy because we are down in London all week and he won't get any water (it's a He). Hopefully he will survive until Saturday. Otherwise, Merry Christmas kids, your presents are under the pile of brown needles! Hang in there Frasier! (his name is Frasier).

More about our family fun week in London coming tomorrow. x, Beth


Sophie said...

What a great post Beth - Frasier is a real beaute! I love the little birds and popcorn is such a great idea for a garland! Being wonky just gives him character.
Susanna's styling is gorgeous too! I love her delicate pinks and whites :)
I hope you're having a fab time in London, I look forward to seeing a post on your travels?
Sophie x

Fenny Setiawan said...

Lovely. I really love the two little deer on top of the mirror together with cute little Christmas tree. Love your homemade tree too :)

Canal Notes said...

I absolutely love that first photo - I'm not a huge fan of color, but this is so elegantly done! With a matching (very well behaved) doggie. Beautiful! The bonsai tree for your old lady days is also great :) Have a great week in London and I hope Frasier makes it through the week ok. We were away for a long weekend and came back to our tree looking just fine, but unfortunately I forgot about the poinsettias. Trying to coax them back to life...

noreen said...

oh, i love frasier. he's mine next year! the tree we have is lovely and symmetrical, but does not smell at all!

also your old lady tree is a hoot! and the cars with no doors - you certainly will need lily pulitzer pillows for the wicker seats! but you'll need to buckle your seat belt if you ever drive after a little martini - or you might fall out!

smiles here! merry christmas!

leah of sang the bird said...

frasier is beautiful! your homemade decorating lovely!
i also love susana's trees. hope frasier is green and spritely when you get home x

The Style Curator said...

Aw, thanks everyone. I have a good friend who grew up as an expat kid and she is so amazing. When we left the US I asked her for advice. She told me her mother, no matter where they lived, always made it feel like "home". I want to do that for Carolina, but with limited resources it is definitely a challenge. I hope we did that this year at Christmas. x, Beth

Amber Baxley said...

I love that first tree!! So pretty!