London Week :: Day Four

Honestly, I tried not to over-plan this trip. We do live just up the road from London, and we will be back, so there was not a ton of pressure to see everything. But THIS day, this day was planned like a military maneuver. And I executed it like a 4 star general. There may have been the occasional "your going to need to pick up the pace" type statements. But, all in all, it was a good, if very touristy, day. We arrived early morning at the Churchill War Rooms. I know, right?! War Rooms!? I'm telling you - this place is so, so cool. This is the bunker facility where Churchill and his staff were safe from German bombings during WWII and where they would do all of their planning and communications for the war. It remains today, exactly as it was during the time it was used and it is absolutely fascinating. It is part of a larger Churchill museum which is one of the the most well done and interesting museums I have ever visited. My pictures are not good - it is really not a place to take pictures as it is an underground bunker but here we go:

And because that was not enough history for one day, we headed to the Tower of London, for some more. And what history. Being able to stand in the exact place that Anne Boleyn lost her head is just crazy to me. I was fascinated by the carvings on the prison tower walls and we especially enjoyed the Beefeater tour - very entertaining and informative. It was also a special treat to see the Crown Jewels as I had been wanting to see the Cullinan Diamond - the world's largest diamond found just down the road from where we lived in South Africa. We also ate lunch at the cafe here and I must say, it was quite good. Tower of London is not to be missed if you are coming to town.

 In the late afternoon we headed to Starbucks for a break, and it was there that I took my first nap in public. Yes, I was that tired. I took a nap. In Starbucks. Well anyway, I needed it, because next, we went ice skating in the moat at the Tower! Well, not exactly the moat - but where the moat would be if there was a moat. It was so, so fun and even though we had a few falls, it was a highlight of the trip. After ice skating we had dinner on St. Katharine's wharf and took a stroll over the Tower Bridge.

What. A. Day. I am exhausted reliving it! Good times.


Ann@Glamourshoes said...

What a fantastic trip! The touristy thing is sometimes just exactly the right thing to do! I will definitely be adding these to my "when I go to London, someday soon" itinerary. I've decided to read 52 books this year, any suggestions for a good one on Churchill?

The Style Curator said...

@Ann - I love the 52 books idea! I would love to hear about what you are reading. Are you going to be blogging about them? As for Churchill, I read the biography by Roy Jenkins and it is really good. A book of his quotes would also be fun to have. The museum had these amazing recordings of people who worked with him and the message was always basically, "He was really difficult, but I would have done anything for him".

noreen said...

wow! that WAS a busy and memorable day. i'm so happy you ran it like a general, and the starbucks nap is a classic. after the empire state building, my 5 year old niece took a nap on a couch in the lobby of moma, then again at dinner, and lastly on the train home. she doesn't fuss, she just goes to sleep. and your nap let you go skating! how wonderful. the churchill stuff is very interesting, and we would surely go to those places if we came. also your pictures are really beautiful. thanks for the education!

tina said...

Wow, it puts me to shame.... I have not done all of it yet and have lived in London for 28 yrs. You have inspired me to see the Churchill rooms although not good with bunkers, underground stuff etc. My hat off to the military precision. Napping in Starbucks, not surprising after the Tower and War experiences (albeit in a museum). Proper tourist stuff:)