A Tale of Two Weddings

Some of you asked about my reference to marrying my husband twice. So I thought I would share the story on what is the 12th anniversary of our first wedding. Oh, how I wish I had digital pictures of that lovely, lovely day. Imagine a white, sandy beach, a turquoise ocean, a bride in a simple satin skirt with a small train, a spaghetti strap silk & wool tank sweater on top. A string of pearls and a custom tiara (of course), made to look like a cluster of stephanotis with tiffany blue crystal centers. A groom in khakis, a white linen shirt and a navy tie adorned with flowers that look just like (the bride thinks) the ones on the tiara. Both are barefoot, of course. Picture a handful of ridiculously loyal family and friends, tanned and maybe slightly tipsy from a day by the pool drinking margaritas.

We understood very little of the ceremony, but somehow we knew what to do and say and, more importantly, we were married by the end of it. It was something else I tell you. At dinner a mariachi band serenaded us. It was so perfect, sometimes it seems like a dream. And yet, there was something missing - mostly lots of people we loved and cared about (and we knew loved and cared about us). Our get-away wedding was really special, but, as the years passed, we realized how blessed we had been in marriage and that a large part of that blessing was because of the people around us who had supported our marriage through thick and thin. We came to realize that is something to celebrate, and since so many people were not able to be at our first wedding, we wanted to do it all over again. So, we started to talk about it. 

But then, bigger plans came along. Actually a big plan came along - a move to Africa. And that plan took so very much of our time and energy. And just when I had let my dream of marrying my husband again fade away, he proposed to me. Yup - got up in front of a big crowd of friends (and our daughter!) and asked me to marry him that coming weekend! And before I could get all stressed out about how I was going have a wedding that weekend he informed me that all I had to do was show up. Everything was taken care of - the dress, the church, the officiant, the music, the reception, the food, the photographer, the invitations had even been sent!! My crazy husband along with a lot of our crazy friends had pulled this whole thing together. They were throwing me a wedding!!

And so that Saturday in June, just a few weeks before we moved to Africa, a limousine showed up at my door and after a day of pampering (mani, pedis, hair & makeup), I was delivered to the most charming little chapel in the woods where I exchanged vows with the person who has helped make my life the most incredible adventure I could ever imagine. And all day, at each little discovery of how someone had contributed, or sacrificed to make this day so special for us, I was reminded how very rich and blessed my life was.

photos by Roy Bradley and Sarah Armentrout

So, that is the story of my two weddings. I have to say, I love the idea of doing it again - just the two of us, somewhere really remote and special to us. Hmmm ... I'm picturing a mountain top in Swaziland ... stay tuned!

x, Beth


Kitchen-Dreams said...

How absolutely perfect! What a romantic story...and husband.

noreen said...

how romantic and wonderful! he planned a wedding without you?! well, with you, but without you doing all the planning? amazing man. i agree with you about how wonderful it would be to do again. my honey and i have been married for 20 years now, and maybe we will do it again. hmm. also, if you've lived in africa, go ahead - swaziland sounds great!

tina said...

Really upset my comment from last night didn't show. I wrote it in the moment before retweeting your post. I'm starting to dislike blogger more and more:)

Anyway, my love, this did move me and I shed a tear. It was so touching to read and look at the pictures and I love how you described the first wedding to us in words. I think we can all picture it as we have all seen enough films with gorgeous film stars getting married like that and no doubt you two looked like film stars. How do I know this? Because all these years later you still look like film stars.

What touched me most is the way you write with such love, passion and respect for him and your marriage. Good Luck for the next 50 years. x

Canal Notes said...

What a lovely story! It brought tears to my eyes! My husband asks me to marry him again and always jokes that we will - and after reading this, I am going to take him up on it! Beautiful post - looking forward to hearing about your third wedding :)

Sarah said...

How beautiful! I never knew the story of the first wedding and it sounds just lovely. Wish I had been there with a camera. Thinking of all the beauty of it now...can't wait to hear about the third one ;)

ursula (room to bloom) said...

Beth - those pictures are beautiful and you look amazing! Nice to hear about other couples being happy together and having the support from friends through rough patches. Congratulations on making it work!

annie said...

Yes that made me well up to! What an amazing story, it's a bit like Don't Tell the Bride but with a lot more class! That's one of the most romantic stories I've ever heard. What a shame you don't have photos from your first wedding.

You may as well go for the hat trick!

Lovely post Beth and you look beautiful xx

caroline said...

Aaah-how completely lovely!SO romantic! Caroline x

The Style Curator said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. It was a really lovely day and a special memory now.

Tracey said...

Only just seen this but loving it! I'm totally down for a 10 year re wed! We did the whole big chebang the first time round so i reckon a few days in Vegas could be fun!

P.S Your husband is a brave man. Either that or i am just way to picky. Nick wouldn't dare. Hats off to him!