In Fashion :: Black & Tan

I love this black & tan Polyvore created by Cary Randolph. Chic and comfortable - a rare combination.

This brunch has turned into dinner.

This brunch has turned into dinner. by caryrandolph featuring opaque tights

Happy weekend to you!

x, Beth

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was a sunny Sunday at Charlecote Park. You never know what you are going to find just down the road from your house in this country! See for yourself ... 

The National Trust has taken care of this gorgeous estate ever since it was given to them in 1946 by the Lucy family who had owned it since the 12th century. The Lucys arrived here in England with William the Conquerer (did he have a last name I wonder?). The massive country house was originally built in 1558. Queen Elizabeth I visited soon after. These days much of it, including the interior, is Victorian. The gatehouse, and most of the outbuildings are Elizabethan. There is a small parterre just above where the house sits on the River Avon. The grounds are a huge deer park with very non-skittish deer (though too skittish to touch, because, of course, I tried). We wandered around for quite a while, just happy to soak up some sun and be surrounded by the beauty. At the Orangery, we had tea and something Will said was a scone, but I think maybe it was a teacake.

It was a very good day. And I got the best Mother's Day card EVER from my amazing daughter. She has set the bar very high indeed with this homemade treat full of humor, wisdom and uncharacteristic sweetness. I love that kid. Did everybody have a good Sunday?

Sunny Sunday

I saw this on Pinterest and had to pop over to Etsy and check it out. I LOVE this! I think I have to get it for my daughter's room - it's just perfect.

From The Wallaroo on Etsy in lots of colors.

Happy Mother's Day all you American Mommas!

x, Beth